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Based between the landscapes of Los Angeles and the eclectic energy of Mexico City, Paco’s work brings a unique perspective far from the glitz and glamour. It has a knack for turning the everyday into something extraordinary, creating images that strike a chord.

Quiet and introspective, Paco's work is a reflection of his introverted personality. The focus is on maintaining the enduring vitality of creativity, paying attention to ordinary moments, and making beauty out of them from unexpected and mischievous angles that might otherwise go unnoticed. His portfolio is a blend of bold colors, clean shapes, and expressive portraits, with each image telling a tale without the need for grandiose gestures.

Paco's work represents a sense of curious alienation, devoid of objective, desire, or prejudice. His lens captures the authenticity of everyday life, offering a glimpse into a world where beauty and emotion can be found in the simplest, most overlooked moments. This is more than the Mexican photographer's eye; it's an invitation to see the world where every photograph is a nuanced exploration of the human experience.



The Factory at MOM
March 10th - April 7th

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Cloud Room

November 14 - December 9  2019

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